Restaurant Beijing Montreal

May 11, 2008


Diner a la Maison – House Special :

Potage Chop Suey Won Ton – Chop Suey Won Ton Soup

Rouleau Printanier – Spring Roll

Crevettes avec sauce homard – Shrimps with Lobster Sauce

Poulet au Citron – Lemon Chicken

Legumes Melanges – Mixed Vegetables

Riz Frit “Young Chow” – “Young Chow” Fried Rice

$39.95 (Diner pour deux – Dinner for Two) – $18.95 (Chaque personne additionelle – Each additional person)
Prix sujets a changement sans preavis – Prices subject to change without notice

Recipe: Hot-n-Sour Soup

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